Western Region Shot Clock Information Page

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Western Region Ringette maintains a fleet of five (5) portable shot clocks for use by our associations, teams and tournaments.

Note there were six of these units and one went missing many years ago. If you happened to find one hanging about in an equipment closet or garage Western Region would sure appreciate its return.

Currently Elly Simpson London Ringette is in charge of the Western Region shot clocks. Elly is responsible to know the location of the shot clocks and to work with those needing the clocks to establish how they will get where when. It is not her responsibility to provide either delivery or pickup but to work with the requestor to identify how they get them and what they do with the clocks after they are finished.

While associations and teams may use the clocks for individual needs the priority will be tournaments.

Elly can be contacted by or phone 519-851-3525.

It should be noted that each clock set comes as a complete package. If it is missing any items upon return it is the responsibility of the borrower to replace missing items. If there is a problem or malfunction then the region will work with the user to get the problem fixed at the regions expense.