Western Region is excited to announce the creation of a new Adult Standing Committee
Please visit http://www.wrra.ca/adultsc.php
for the current details
Reminder - Do not forget to monitor the ORA Website for Membership Notices
These are circulated regularly and contain valuable information as to all aspects of our sport

The Provincial Intent for Players has been updated to be used for the 2021/2022 season
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The 2021 updated Assoc/Player Information Sheet
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Western Region General Meeting Sept. 17, 2020 Agenda and Reports
Minutes for approvalPDF
Chair Report PDF
Officiating Report 
Coaching ReportPDF
Treasurers ReportPDF
Games & Tournament ReportPDF
Adult ReportPDF
Membership Services Report 
Elite Report 
Sport Develoment Report 

Meeting ~ President's Roundtable Discussion

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Meeting ID: 851 3331 5282
Password: 270238

It is expected that the delegates to the General Meetings will review these reports prior to attending and thus be prepared with questions, discussion and comments as appropriate. This will lead to quick and efficient meetings with well thought out feedback for our executive.
It is also expected that meeting delegates will take the time to print off copies of the reports they require, bring them to the meeting and save the executive and coordinators bringing 30 - 40 copies.
It is hoped that by providing this facility on the web site all members of Western Region will have access to the information available and we can assist their delegates to ensure that all required information circulates throughout our membership. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.