Western Region General Meeting
September 15, 2016
Agenda and Reports

Meeting Agenda PDF
Minutes Feb. 25 2016  PDF
Director's Report  PDF
Officiating Report PDF
Coaching Coordinators Report PDF
Treasurers Report Report PDF
Games & Tournament Report PDF
Adult Report PDF
WORL A/AA League Report PDF
Membership Services Report PDF
Elite Report PDF
Sport Develoment Report PDF
Sport Develoment Fair Ice Policy PDF
WRRL B/C League Report PDF
WRRL B/C Teams for 16/17 PDF

Beat the deadline of October 31st for your Region dues! Bring your cheque made payable to WRRA for $60 to give to J Saint, Treasurer (remember after this deadline, the cost increases to $70 for the year).

There will not be a break out meeting for Referee-In-Chiefs this year.

It is expected that the delegates to the General Meetings will review these reports prior to attending and thus be prepared with questions, discussion and comments as appropriate. This will lead to quick and efficient meetings with well thought out feedback for our executive.

It is also expected that meeting delegates will take the time to print off copies of the reports they require, bring them to the meeting and save the executive and coordinators bringing 30 - 40 copies.
It is hoped that by providing this facility on the web site all members of Western Region will have access to the information available and we can assist their delegates to ensure that all required information circulates throughout our membership. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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