Western Region 2011 General Meeting
March 10, 2011
Agenda and Reports

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Regional Schedules are targeted to be available by the second week of March. All teams except U9 will play games on Friday and Saturday with most teams also playing on Sunday. Regional Fees will be set once the final budget is approved. An increase is expected due to the impact of the HST and rising costs

Registration will begin Thursday night at West End Arena. All teams must register before their first game but one volunteer from an organization can accomplish registration for all teams. To register you please bring:

    • Your teams donation to the Prize Table (minimum one gift multiple gifts accepted)
    • Remaining registration monies fee less deposit
    • Any roster changes and coaching changes on the approved TRF adjustment form
    • A contact number where the team can be reached during the tournament
    • A detailed listing of motel rooms teams are using for the weekend, if staying over, including hotel and number of rooms for each night.
    • Any questions about the schedule structure for their division
    • Please note team TRF's are not required

A tournament program will be provided to each team and souvenir copies will be for sale throughout the event. Also available at each venue will be ticket sales on the prize table that will include Loonie and Toonies sticks.

Qualified Minor Officials are not in abundance and those wishing may apply on the Regionals home page. We are going with Shot Clocks for all Petite and above. If we do not have time keepers, score keepers and/or shot clock operators we will be requesting that the Teams provide from their fans. These hours will not count towards an associations volunteer requirements.

As with all previous years, U9 teams will each get two games and these games will both be on the same day (no Friday U9 Games), all U9 teams will receive a medal at the end of their second game and all U9 games will be curfewed at 50 minutes from the time the Zamboni leaves the ice.

All round robin games may end in a tie, all medal games will play to a winner. Each team is required to be ready to go on the ice 10 minutes before scheduled start time and there will be only a 3 minute warm up period after the Zamboni leaves the ice.

Games can start 10 minutes early except for the first game of the day and medal round games your team must be ready to start the game 10 minutes before game time.

Any equipment confiscated by officials will be available at the West End Office after your last game. The only exception is too long sticks if you agree to cut them down

No running in the halls for warm ups. This is a City of Guelph requirement. All of the Arenas are public areas and running can be a liability issue.

Team music during warm ups and in dressing rooms must be kept to a volume level that does not interfere with the enjoyment of others.

All final placing, determination of who goes on to medal games, and resolving of ties in round robin play standings will be done at West End in the tournament office. These will not be conducted until all results required have been verified to the actual game sheets. It is a team's responsibility to find out if and where they play on Sunday - there are to many teams and divisions to allow the tournament organizers to call everyone.

The Prize Table will have once again fabulous gifts for everyone including a Loonie Stick and a Toonie stick. Tickets will be available for sale at every arena and you do not have to be present at the drawing to win. The draw will be conducted at 6 PM on Saturday.

Western Region will endeavor to have an executive member in each arena (one in the double pad arenas) during the complete event to represent the region if problems arise but the tournament office will be at West End and any major problems must be brought to this venue for resolution.

The Western Region Code of Conduct is in effect for this tournament with a no tolerance policy. Please remember that this tournament is for the enjoyment of all.

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