Western Region Games and Tournaments

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Welcome back to the Rinks!

Western Region welcomes Chris Sharpe to the G&T team. Chris & I will be sharing the G&T role going forward, ensuring better coverage of meetings and an extra person available at tournaments. Regional Teams:


Now is the time to be thinking about your tournaments for the upcoming season!

Tournaments are required to submit their schedules 4 weeks in advance. As such many will have earlier deadlines than in past years!

Plan your year and get your applications in so that the tournaments can confirm your division and start their planning process.

Reminder that PAYMENT is generally required to secure your spot at any of our region's great tournaments!


Regionals 2018 will be held in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Woolwich. Due to changing municipal ice policies, Regional teams will be required to submit their deposits at the NOVEMBER Western Region meeting.

2-team players:

2-team players are not permitted to step on the ice with their 2nd team until they have been fully approved.

Game Sheets

Please submit copies of all season game sheets (league) to G&T in person or online.

Penalty Reporting:

Please review "Western Region Penalty Reporting"

See you at the rinks!