Western Region A/AA League 2018/2019

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In preparation for the upcoming 2019-2020 Ringette Season Western Ontario Ringette League – W.O.R.L is once again providing an on-line form to register your intentions for next season. The information you provide will give, Associations, Coaches, Players and the Region a clear understanding of what teams will form our League next year and what options will be in place for you as players. Please take a few minutes and complete the form prior to March 31, 2019 for AA Intents and A Intents.

  • If you intend on skating at or trying out for a AA team, you must select "AA" as the desired level of play during the 2019/20 season on this form. If you do not you will not be permitted to attend AA ice times.
  • Players who are not offered a spot on a AA roster do not have to submit a second Player Intent Form indicating "A" as level of play for the 2019/20 season. It is understood that you will now tryout for a spot on an "A" roster.
  • All comments made on this form will be included on the Association and Player Information Sheet posted on the WORL website.
  • Players who wish to submit a Player Intent Form after the March 31st deadline date must get their home association president to send an approval email to Peter Westelaken in order to have the intent added to the AA/A intent list.
  • Players intending on relocating within Western Region for educational purposes are requested to complete a Player Intent Form. Please explain in the "Additional Comments" box what Region and/or association you are coming from and what educational institution you hope to attend.
  • Players who's Home Association is outside of Western Region are welcome to complete a Player Intent Form and attend provincial team tryouts in Western Region provide they adhere to all their Home Association, Home Region, Western Region and ORA rules governing player movement and tryouts attendance.
It must be noted that you must submit the form to be eligible to participate at the Provincial Level within Western Region for the 2019/20 season.

For more detailed information please refer to the WORL Declaration/Tryout Process for 2019/20 or speak to your Association WORL Representative or President

The form consists of four sections.

  1. Personal Information
    1. First and Last Name
    2. Year of Birth
    3. ORA # - not mandatory but avoids confusion
      • ORA number is on your team TRF and may be obtained from your last year team coach or manager or your Association registrar
      • This number is yours and stays the same througout your Ringette life. Please make every effort to include
    4. Home Association – not necessarily where you played last year but the association where you belong.
  2. Information about the current season
    1. Association you are playing for (If two team player your Provincial Team)
    2. Division/Age Group of your team.
    3. Playing Level of your team
    4. Are you currently playing under a 2 team contract?
  3. Information about your intentions for next season
    1. Are you willing to play for an association other than your home association.
    2. The Division/Age Group you hope to play in.
    3. The Competitive Level to which you feel you belong.
    4. Are you a goalie
  4. Additional Information.
    1. This is the spot in which you can provide the region with any additional information you feel is relevant.

Once you are ready to fill in the form go to the On-line Player Intent Form.